If you are matched for a gig but cannot work, you can sign up a replacement in the gig overview. Want to know when you can arrange a substitute? Click here

What should my replacement meet?

- When arranging a replacement, make sure that this person meets the requirements set by the client for the gig. Think about specific skills or dress code. 

- Your replacement must be at least 18 years old. 

- The replacement must have a VAT ID, Chamber of Commerce number (KVK), or still be within their first three gigs.

Only arrange a replacement if it is réally necessary!

Only arrange replacement if it is really necessary, because a client does not choose you for nothing. In addition, a client can see how much replacement you have ever arranged, which we call the replacement percentage. Based on this data, clients decide whether to choose a freelancer for a gig. 

Arrange Replacement via YoungOnes

From now on, it is possible to arrange a replacement via the app itself. This is how you arrange replacement in the app:

1. Go to your gig overview.

2. Select the right gig.

3. Click on the second button below "Add to your calendar" labeled "Arrange Replacement via YoungOnes."

4. Read everything carefully & confirm.

5. Success! The gig will now be reposted on YoungOnes so other freelancers can respond.

How do you choose a replacement?

1. Go to your gig overview and select the gig for which you need a replacement.

2. Click on the button labeled "Select your replacement."

3. Choose your replacement. Ensure that he/she meets the same gig requirements as you.

4. Confirm your selection by clicking "Confirm."

5. Done. The replacement is now officially arranged for this gig.

Frequently asked questions about the replacement function in the app:

- Who receives the star rating? The freelancer who was originally selected or the replacement?

Both the original freelancer as the replacement receives a star rating.Thus it's important to choose a good replacement. 

- What if I don't select and confirm a replacement on time?

Then you remain responsible for being present at your gig; otherwise, it will affect your attendance rate.

- Can I negotiate a different hourly rate than indicated?

No, this is not possible. You could still discuss it with the freelancer whose gig you have taken over, but the hourly rate remains the same, in principle.

- Does the replacement have to meet the gig description/dress code?

Certainly. If a replacement signs up, he/she must agree to comply with them. It's up to you to decide which freelancer you prefer to have replace your gig.

- If the replacement does not show up or does not meet the gig requirements, who will receive the gig not completed notification? The replacement will receive this notification, which will have consequences for his/her own turnout percentage.

- As a freelancer looking for a replacement, can I see the contact details of the replacement I want to choose?

No, you can only see the first name and last name. However, you are free to send each other a message via, for example, social media or our Discord Community.

- If I am in the client's favorites pool, but I want to propose a replacement who is not part of it, is that possible?

Yes, it's possible. Every freelancer must be replaceable.

2. Other ways to arrange a replacement

Based on whether the email address is known or unknown to YoungOnes, the following two scenarios can occur:

A. Replacement does not have an account with YoungOnes, or the account is not verified

Via the gig overview, click on 'arrange replacement yourself' and follow all the steps. Your replacement receives an email notifying them that they have been assigned as a replacement for a gig. In that mail is a link that requires the replacement to do an id-check. When the id-check is done, the gig is successfully taken over. You receive a push notification of this in the app and the client receives a message that a replacement has been arranged. 

Note: you remain responsible for your replacement. You enter the hours worked and receive payment from the client. You have to transfer this amount to the replacement yourself. Furthermore, you will also receive the rating the replacement receives from the client. Want to know more? Click here.

B. Substitute is registered and has a verified account at YoungOnes.

Via the gig overview, click on 'arrange replacement yourself' and follow all the steps. Your replacement will receive an email and push notification, inviting them to accept (or decline) the gig via the YoungOnes app. This notification remains visible in the replacement's screen until he/she has responded. When the replacement has accepted the gig, it will appear in his/her overview under 'selected'. You will receive a push notification of this in the app and the client will be notified that a replacement has been arranged.  

In this situation, your replacement will fill in the hours worked after the gig and review the gig via the app. The payment of the invoice goes directly to your replacement.

Note: You remain responsible at all times. Both you and your replacement receive the rating from the client. Even in case of a 'gig not completed', you remain ultimately responsible. Make sure to coordinate everything with your replacement and make sure he/she is reliable.

Where can you arrange a replacement?

This can be done via our new Discord Community, but of course also by using your own network or using the many WhatsApp group apps that are available. YoungOnes is not an administrator of these WhatsApp group apps and does not recommend paying for them, there are plenty of free options.