In principle, you are expected to arrange for a substitute. Failure to do so may have consequences. The terms regarding arranging for a substitute may vary per client. Always check the gig description and model agreement of the gig.

You can either arrange for a replacement yourself or arrange it through YoungOnes. Keep in mind that your replacement has to have a verified profile of their own. 

Arrange Replacement via YoungOnes

Go to your gig overview and select the gig for which you need a replacement. Scroll down on the gig page and click on 'arrange your replacement through YoungOnes.' Read the information carefully and click confirm. Success! The gig will now be reposted under YoungOnes so other freelancers can respond. Once other freelancers respond to your replacement request, you can choose a replacement via the gig page. Click on 'select your replacement' and see who has responded. Choose someone who meets the gig requirements and click 'select your replacement' and then confirm. Done! Your replacement is now arranged. If there is no suitable replacement, you can still withdraw the replacement request or cancel the gig.

Arrange substitute yourself

Do you know another freelancer who is suitable for the gig? You can recommend them as a replacement. Through the gig overview, click on 'arrange replacement yourself' and follow all the steps. Your replacement will receive an email and a push notification, inviting them to accept (or decline) the gig via the app. This notification will remain visible on the replacement's screen until they respond. Once the replacement has accepted the gig, it will appear in their overview under 'chosen'. You will receive a push notification in the app, and the client will be informed that a replacement has been arranged.

In this situation, your replacement will fill in the worked hours themselves and evaluate the gig via the app after completing the gig. Payment for the invoice goes directly to your replacement.

Please note: You remain responsible at all times. Both you and your replacement will receive ratings from the client. Even if your replacement does not complete the gig, you are still ultimately responsible. Therefore, ensure good communication with your replacement and ensure they are reliable. It would be a shame to receive an incomplete gig notification if your replacement fails to show up!

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What should my replacement meet?

- When arranging a replacement, make sure that this person meets the requirements set by the client for the gig. Think about specific skills or dress code. 

- Your replacement must be at least 18 years old. 

- The replacement must have a VAT ID, Chamber of Commerce number (KVK), or still be within their first three gigs.

Only arrange a replacement if it is réally necessary!

Only arrange replacement if it is really necessary, because a client does not choose you for nothing. In addition, a client can see how much replacement you have ever arranged, which we call the replacement percentage. Based on this data, clients decide whether to choose a freelancer for a gig.

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