From the age of 18 you can start working at YoungOnes! You don't need any work experience or specific training. But what do you need? 

A complete profile | Your profile on YoungOnes is your business card to the clients, so make your YoungOnes profile as complete as possible. Provide a good picture, information about your work experience and your motivation.

Knowledge of freelancing | As a freelancer, you are your own boss. That means a lot of freedom and flexibility, but also more responsibilities. Once you have completed your profile, you can start the in-app onboarding. In this course we will go through the responsibilities of freelancing with you and check if you are aware of these responsibilities. A kick-start call is no longer required.

A valid ID | If you have sufficient knowledge about the responsibilities involved in freelancing, we will send you an id-check. Via Veriff or Datachecker we send a link to upload your ID card or passport. If this comes back positive, your account is activated, and you can start responding to jobs! Please note that you can also show a valid ID at the start of a job. Please note: according to the Labor Inspectorate, a driver's license is not sufficient.

Reliability | It is very important that the client can count on you. If you are matched to a gig, the client also assumes that you will be there. If you cannot come to the gig, contact the client. They may ask you to arrange a replacement. Want to read more about this? Check this link.