Getting paid quickly, isn't that what everyone wants? Unfortunately, on official public holidays such as Good Friday, no payments are made.

Instant payout

You will not be bothered by this with direct payments within 1 minute. As long as your hours have been submitted and approved by the client, you will be paid quickly.

Payment via client

If you choose to wait until the client pays, you may have to deal with these holidays. To assist Freelancers, YoungOnes will make payments the business day prior to the specific holiday where hours have been submitted, approved and the Client has made payment to YoungOnes. If your hours are not submitted on time, your hours are not approved on time and/or the client has not yet paid, the next payment will be made on the next payment day (Tuesday or Friday) if the 3 conditions are met.

Official holidays

View an overview of the official holidays in the Netherlands at the Tax and Customs Administration. In addition, ABN-Amro has also made an overview.

Need help?

Can't find a solution or do you have additional questions about payments on public holidays? Please contact our support department.