As a YoungOnes freelancer, it is important to have your administration in order. In this article we explain useful administration tools that are exclusively available to YoungOnes freelancers!

Do you use the KOR?

Then keeping records is not mandatory because you are exempt from sales tax (tax return per quarter). It is mandatory to keep your invoices for inspection by the tax authorities. Note: You still have to file a return for other taxes, such as income tax before 1 May each year.

Paid administration tools online/app

Do you want more convenience and functionalities? Then choose a paid administration platform. You can use this to link your bank and easily draw up invoices with a few clicks. YoungOnes has concluded three exclusive deals with administration platforms especially for you as a freelancer. Below you will find an overview of these platforms and their functions, so that you can choose the platform that suits you best!

Claim this deal?

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