Yes, you certainly can. Keep in mind that you have to arrange some extra things for your replacement. Your replacement does not have an account at YoungOnes.


If you want to arrange a replacement, you have to make sure that this person meets the requirements set by the client. Think of certain skills or dress code. 

Your substitute must also be at least 18 years old.

ID check

When you arrange a replacement outside the YoungOnes platform, this replacement will first have to do an ID check. This way, we will check if your replacement is allowed to work in the Netherlands. Please note: your replacement is not arranged until your replacement's ID check has been approved. 


Your replacement will receive an email with the gig details. The gig will remain between your selected gigs. This is because the person replacing you does not have an account at YoungOnes. When the gig is done, it will disappear from your gig list.

After the gig

When the replacement has worked the gig, you enter the hours worked for your replacement. Payment of the invoice will go through you. It is important that you arrange this yourself with your replacement. The assessment from the client will also appear on your profile. Keep this in mind when signing up your replacement. Want to know more about paying invoices when arranging a replacement? Click here.