As a freelancer, you are normally responsible for taking out your own insurance. The three most common insurances are: corporate liability insurance, accident insurance and disability insurance.

But at YoungOnes, we believe that all workers, regardless of the type of work, should be protected against accidents or if there is damage/injury to third-party property. For gigs through YoungOnes, you are insured for liability and accidents at no cost. Disability insurance is not arranged through YoungOnes and you could take out your own if you wish.

As a platform, we do not legally have the possibility to insure self-employed people through YoungOnes itself, as we only function as an online marketplace and not as an employer. That's why we started looking for other options.

As of February 1, 2022, we are officially affiliated with Onsi with YoungOnes. This means that as soon as you are verified on the platform, you are automatically included in Onsi insurance collective. This insures you against liability and absence from work through YoungOnes, for example due to an accident (disability), but also bereavement leave or family leave is insured in certain cases. 

Insurance overview 

What do you have to do for that? 

You don't have to do anything to activate the insurance. You are insured by default when you perform a gig through the YoungOnes platform. If you want to submit a claim or view the insurance conditions, you need to create an account with Onsi. 

Have questions about Onsi' insurance? Check all their information on their website or email