To become a freelancer, you must apply for a VAT ID (btw-ID). You can apply for a VAT ID in two ways:

Through the Chamber of Commerce | You are then registered in the trade register. If you meet the hour criterion of 1225 hours per year, you are eligible for a number of entrepreneurial benefits such as the self-employed deduction. You can also take out extra insurance and a business account. Upon registration with the Chamber of Commerce, you will immediately receive your Chamber of Commerce number. The cost to register is a one-time fee of €80,10. The KVK forwards your registration to the tax authorities. Within about 14 days you will receive a message from the tax authorities about your VAT ID.

Through the tax authorities | Do you want to freelance part-time? Then you can also use your VAT ID to look for jobs through YoungOnes. Applying for a VAT ID is completely free. It takes two weeks before you receive your VAT ID.

Read here how to apply for a VAT ID. Are you still hesitating between a VAT ID via the Tax and Customs Administration or the Chamber of Commerce? Read the differences here .