To become a freelancer, you must apply for a VAT ID (btw-ID). You can apply for a VAT ID in two ways:

Through the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) | Do you want to freelance part-time? Then a VAT ID from the Tax Authorities is sufficient. Applying for a VAT ID through the Tax Authorities is completely free. It takes two weeks before you receive your VAT ID. 

Via the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel in Dutch) | You can also apply for a VAT ID via the Chamber of Commerce. You are then registered in the trade register. If you meet the hour criterion of 1225 hours per year, you are eligible for a number of entrepreneurial benefits such as the self-employed deduction. You can also take out extra insurance and a business account. Upon registration with the Chamber of Commerce, you will immediately receive your Chamber of Commerce number. The cost to register yourself is a one-time fee of €75,-. The KVK forwards your registration to the Tax Office. Within about 14 days, you will receive notification from the tax authorities about your VAT ID. 

Read here how to apply for a VAT ID. Still in doubt about whether to apply for a VAT ID through the Tax Authorities or the Chamber of Commerce? Read the differences here.

After you have received your VAT ID, you can start looking for clients to work for. YoungOnes is here to help you with this! Through the YoungOnes app, you get an instant overview of gigs you can do in your area. We also give you the opportunity to do the first three gigs without VAT ID. This way you can first see if freelancing is for you or you can already start working while waiting for your VAT ID. 

As a freelancer, you have more freedom and flexibility than when working as an employee. You are a freelancer, so you decide when and for whom you work. This comes with some responsibilities in return. For example, you have to do your own sales and income tax. Read here what these two taxes entail.

You are also responsible for building up your own pension.

Do you have a VAT ID? Do you know about taxes, insurance and pension? And do you have a good dose of motivation? Then you are ready to work as a freelancer!