Want to get a gig, but it takes place in Belgium? Then make sure you have your insurance properly arranged! When you start working as a freelancer outside the Netherlands, you must have an A1 certificate and a Limosa-1 notification certificate. But what are they?

An A1 declaration

With an A1-declaration you can prove that you are insured for your social insurances in the Netherlands. You can request the declaration free of charge from the Social Insurance Bank (the SVB). The form is valid for three months, and you can apply for it with your VAT or Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel in Dutch) number. 

For more information, visit the SVB website or the Chamber of Commerce.

A Limosa-1 declaration

The Limosa-1 declaration allows the Belgian government to keep track of how many employees and self-employed people from abroad come to work in Belgium. Because they are not covered by Belgian social security, little information is available about them. 

With a Limosa-1 declaration you make a notification that you will be taking gigs in Belgium. You will receive the declaration by e-mail within one working day, so make sure you have arranged this before your gig starts. You must make a new declaration for each gig you are going to do with other work. Furthermore, you can request the Limosa-1 from the SVB using your VAT or Chamber of Commerce number. 

But, there are also exceptions to the rule, not all work requires a Limosa-1 declaration. On this website, you can read which activities get an exemption.

Look for more information on this website