To get started through YoungOnes, you need a personal account on the YoungOnes app. For freelancers, it is only possible to create an account through the app. Clients, on the other hand, can only get started through the website.  

From downloading the app to signing up for gigs, these are the steps you go through:

Step 1 | Download the YoungOnes app through the App Store or Play Store. Mind that your settings are in Dutch, otherwise you cannot download the app.

Step 2 | Click on "Sign up now!".

Step 3 | Choose an e-mail address and password. 

Step 4 | Complete your profile. 

Step 5 | Choose a representative photo.

Step 6 | Fill in your data.

Step 7 | Enter the bank account where you want to receive your money.

Step 8 | Fill in your work experience. 

Step 9 | Do you already have a VAT ID? Then fill it in. Do you not have one yet? Click on 'I do not have a VAT ID'. 

Step 10 | If you do not have a VAT ID, enter your BSN. 

Step 11 |  Your profile is complete! It is now time for the in-app onboarding. This course explains the responsibilities of freelancing. Then you will be tested on the knowledge gained in this course.

Step 12 | After you have successfully completed the in-app onboarding, an ID-check will be sent to you by sms and email. Once this is received positively, your account will be verified.

Step 13 | If you still have questions about the responsibilities of freelancing, you can schedule a callback request. A pop-up will appear at the top of the app. If you click on it, you can schedule the call.

Step 14 | You are ready to start working! You can do the first three jobs without VAT ID. As of the fourth job, it is mandatory to work with a VAT ID. You can request this from the Chamber of Commerce or the Tax Authorities. Good luck!