When you have completed the in-app onboarding, you will receive an email regarding your ID-check. It is important to request the correct verification link, depending on the document you want to complete the ID-check with. This article explains what to do with the proof of identity you hold.

1. I have a Dutch passport/identity card or residence permit

Dutch proof of identity | Do you have a Dutch passport or ID card? Then you can choose this option. This allows you to perform a check immediately. Once approved, you will be automatically verified and can start responding to gigs.

Dutch residence permit | If you have a Dutch residence permit, it is important to check your residence permit. Does your residence permit say 'Arbeid vrij toegestaan, TWV niet vereist' (work freely permitted, work permit not required) or 'Arbeid als zelfstandige. Then you can perform the ID check, just like with a Dutch passport or ID card. If you have a different residence permit, there's a change you can't get acces to the platform. 

2. I have a foreign passport/identity card or residence permit

Foreign EU/EEA or Swiss identity document | If you have a passport or ID card from a country belonging to the EU/EEA or from Switzerland, you can work for us! You can check if you have an ID from an EU/EEA country via this link. Be sure to request the verification link from DataChecker if you have such an ID, as this link is intended for foreign IDs. When doing so, you must upload the following documents: front and back of the proof of identity and a BSN statement. You may send the following as a valid BSN statement:

  • valid Dutch driver's license (front and back)
  • statement with reference to the municipality or government and your name and BSN

Note: a screenshot of a letter is WELL accepted, a screenshot of a website is NOT!

Foreign EU/EEA or Swiss residence permit | It is only possible to join our platform with a Dutch residence permit. All other residence permits are not accepted.

Other foreign identity document | If you hold a passport/identity document from a country that does not belong to the EU/EEA or Switzerland, it is not possible to work on our platform unless you have a Dutch residence permit. In some cases, for example by means of a certain residence endorsement sticker in your passport, it is possible to work on our platform. Please contact our helpdesk about this.

Do you still have questions about the ID check? Feel free to contact our customer service and we will help you out!