All freelancers who were registered with a VAT ID (btw-ID) before 2020 in the Netherlands received a letter from the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) in October 2019 with a new VAT number, called the VAT identification number (VAT-ID). This unique VAT number is less susceptible to fraud because it no longer contains your BSN. From January 2020, you will have to use your new VAT ID on your invoices. You can enter your unique VAT ID through the app under business details. 

Don't throw your old VAT ID away! | You will use your new VAT ID from 2020 to communicate with the outside world. Only for the Tax Authorities and for turnover tax (VAT return), you still use your 'old VAT number'. From now on, this is called your turnover tax number (Omzetbelastingnummer)

So from 2020, you will be working with two VAT numbers; 

  • The VAT identification number (your new VAT ID number) | You use it in all your communications with the outside world. It should appear on all your invoices. 
  • The turnover tax number (your old VAT number) | You only use this number in your returns and in your communication with the Tax Authorities. 

Want to know more about the new VAT number? Learn more about it here!