If you do not see VAT on your invoice, there may be two reasons:

No VAT ID yet | The first three gigs, you can work without a VAT ID (btw-ID). Because you do not yet have a VAT ID, you will not receive any tax. If you do have a VAT ID, add it to your profile as soon as possible. From the moment your VAT ID is entered, we will process the VAT on your invoice.  

You make use of the Small Businesses Scheme (kleindeondernemersregeling, KOR)| If you make use of the Small Businesses Scheme, you no longer have to pay VAT, and therefore you do not receive VAT. Keep in mind that the Small Businesses Scheme is applied to all invoices issued from the effective date of the scheme. Suppose the Small Businesses Scheme takes effect from April 1, then the Small Businesses Scheme applies to all invoices made after April 1, even though you worked the gig in March. You then also only process this invoice in the next tax return.

! Don't forget to enter your setting for the Small Businesses Scheme on your YoungOnes profile !

It is your responsibility to properly inform us whether you are using the Small Businesses Scheme and when. We cannot change the VAT on the invoices afterwards. 

Have you not registered for the Small Businesses Scheme and have you already worked with a VAT ID? Please check in the app whether you have indicated this correctly, or contact us via the contact form on our site.