As a freelancer, you should keep in mind that you do not automatically build up a pension. Of course, you are entitled to an AOW pension, but for many retirees this is not enough to enjoy their retirement. Do you want to start saving for your own pension? Read more about the possibilities. 

Savings | Saving remains a popular way to build up a supplementary pension. You can do this by regularly putting money in a savings account, or you can choose to invest. Want to know what is most advantageous for you? Then get in touch with your bank.

Scheme for the self-employed | ZZP organizations have jointly set up a pension fund especially for the self-employed. This pension fund allows you to decide how much money you deposit, when you do this and when your pension starts. You can deduct the contributions from your tax bill up to a certain amount.

Annuity insurance | Annuity insurance is taken out with a bank and an insurance company. For this you pay a certain amount monthly or annually. The arrangement is fairly similar to saving for yourself. For the specific differences, it is wise to contact your bank. 

Do you have a lot of added value, such as a business property? Then it is wise to also look at other pension options. Check this with your bank.