We are sorry to see that your invoice hasn't been paid yet! To proceed, it is first necessary to check the following points:

  1. Have you submitted your hours in the app?
  2. Has the client approved your submitted hours? Your hours are usually approved by the client within 5 working days. In case this has not happened yet, you can contact the client. You will receive an invoice via email if your hours have been approved. Also, check your spam inbox.
  3. Check which payment option you have chosen and when you can expect your payment.

Read more about the different options here.

1. Direct payment 

If you have chosen the option of direct payment, we will pay your invoice in advance within 1 minute after your hours have been approved by the client. Is this not the case? Then something may have gone wrong, please contact our helpdesk

2. Waiting for the client to pay

If you have chosen this option, you will be paid as soon as we receive the money from the client. We agree on a payment term with a client, which is usually 14 or 30 days. However, this does not guarantee that a client will pay within this period.

If your invoice has expired, you can contact the client. Note: we are dealing with a processing period. So it is a good idea to check whether your invoice has expired before reaching out to the client. This will avoid unnecessary frustrations.

The process looks like this:

  1. Once you submit your hours, you must wait until the client has approved your hours. This can take a few days. Once your hours are approved, your invoice will be generated, and you will receive it via email. You can check the status of your invoice via the link in the email or via the button 'Invoice' in your app settings.
  2. After your hours have been approved, your invoice will be sent to the client within three working days. From then on, the agreed payment period starts.
  3. The agreed payment term is 14 or 30 days. You can find this in the gig details or on the invoice. In addition, the app shows you the client's average payment time. You might consider choosing the direct payment option if that takes too long.
  4. When your invoice is paid by the client, it takes three working days for us to process and transfer the money to you. So keep this in mind!

Has both the payment deadline and processing time passed? If so, you can contact the client. When reaching out to the client, it is crucial to communicate with the correct invoice number. A client will receive a different invoice number from YoungOnes than the invoice number on your invoice. This is because the client will receive a collective invoice which includes your private invoice. This collective invoice will start with RYO, which you can find on your invoice or in your invoice overview. From our side, we also take active measures to ensure that your invoice can be paid as quickly as possible.

What does YoungOnes do when the payment term has expired? 

  • First reminder via email after 5 days
  • A second reminder via email 7 days after the first reminder (total of 12 days)
  • A third reminder via email 5 days after the second reminder. This is a notice of default (total after 17 days)
  • For the fourth reminder, we contact the client by phone 4 days after the third reminder (total after 21 days)

When a client indicates that the invoice cannot be paid, we will look together with the client how they will pay the outstanding invoices. We will look into various options, such as deferment of payment, paying in installments, or we transfer the invoice to a collection agency. Briefly, we also do everything we can to pay your invoice as soon as possible.