When you submit your hours worked in the app, you have three payment options. This choice determines how quickly you receive your payment.

Option 1 | Wait for client payment (0% fee)
Choose this and get your money once the business pays us. Usually, businesses take about 14 to 30 days to pay up, but that’s just an estimate – not a promise. To help you decide, we also show the average days businesses take to settle their invoices. If the payment drags on, it’s up to you to follow up with the client. Need help? Check out what to do if you haven't been paid yet. We’ll back you up by sending multiple reminders to the business. More details can be found here.

Option 2 | 3-Days Payment (2.9% fee)
Go for 3-Days Payment, and we’ll cover the debtor risk. Get paid by us within a maximum of three days after the business approves your hours. This means quick cash, no dependency on business payment periods, and zero risk of default. The catch? A small fee of 2.9% of your invoice. More information can be found [here]. To learn more about our payment days, read this article.

Option 3 | 1-Minute Payment (4.8% fee)
Need your cash immediately? Choose 1-Minute Payment and get paid within 1 minute after your hours are approved. This is perfect if you need your money ASAP, but it comes with a slightly higher fee of 4.8%. Instant convenience at your fingertips.