YoungOnes is an online platform that gets you started as an independent entrepreneur. We understand all too well the benefits of freelancing and with our platform we make it even more beneficial for you! 

As a freelancer on our platform, you decide! In the YoungOnes app you can find different types of gigs and you choose where, when, for which company and at what hourly rate you want to do the gigs. 

You can see YoungOnes as an online platform that brings supply and demand together in one place. Clients can post day gigs, and you can respond to them. When there is a match, you can get to work.

Once you have completed the gig, you can enter your hours in the app and the client can approve these hours. Then we take care of the invoicing, and you can choose to get paid through us within one minute (after the hours have been approved by the client) or wait until the client has paid himself. In addition, you and the client give each other a rating. The higher your rating, the faster you will be chosen for future gigs!