Are you working the sectors of moving, construction, etc? Get your VCA to become even more attractive to clients. VCA stands for safety, health and environment and is meant to create a safe environment for yourself and the surrounding employees. 

Together with VCA Netherlands, we have created a handy tool allowing you to choose your own training and learning method to pass the VCA exam. Sign up through YoungOnes and receive a 15% discount on the exam.

How do I register?

Step 1 | Go to this website 

Step 2 | In the left column, under filter choice, choose the desired learning method. Enter course type and version (for example, SCC basic and course and exam).

Step 3 | On the right, enter your city or desired location for the course and/or exam. And click on find course.

Step 4 | Choose your preference from the dates and locations.

Step 5 | Email with the following information: desired course or exam date + any additional option / your name / phone number / email address / date of birth / billing address + possible address for sending a textbook. Don't forget to refer to YoungOnes, so we can apply the agreed 15% discount.