There are times when you may make a mistake and submit your hours incorrectly. If you entered the hours incorrectly, it is wise to contact the client. The client may reject the hours and make a counter-offer. If the client has already approved the hours, there are two possibilities:

Too few hours | If you have been paid too few hours, the client can notify YoungOnes with the remaining hours. If you have another gig scheduled with the same client and when it's about less than three hours, you can add the missing hours with the new gig. Note: this is only possible if you still need to be paid at least three more hours. Do you have no gigs scheduled with the same client, or did you miss more hours? Please ask the client to notify YoungOnes with the remaining hours. We shall draw up an invoice for you.

Too many hours | If you have been overpaid, you can contact YoungOnes. We will process the extra hours in the invoice.